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Some details about the Dream99 keno betting game at dream99 bookmaker
Maybe you don't know, Keno betting is famous and present at all leading bookmakers in Vietnam. But at Dream99, keno betting has been raised to a new level. The reason is because Dream99 bookmaker equips things from simple to complex, to bring you many extremely wonderful experiences.

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Dream99 invests in the Keno Betting game from a quality sound system to an eye-catching interface and realistic images that bring a great experience. In particular, Dream99 always has extremely attractive gifts waiting for you to discover every day, every week and on holidays.

How to play Dream99 keno bet?
Below, let's learn about the game rules and details on how to play at Dream99, specifically:

Game rules Dream99 keno betting
Dream99 keno betting game develops based on the results of lottery draws. In the game there will be 80 balls numbered from 1 to 80. Each turn will have 20 balls selected from those 80 balls, chosen randomly. Currently, players can choose from the following two forms of betting:

Cross bet: The player predicts the numbers he thinks will appear in the other 20 balls. If correct, he will receive a reward.
Cross bet: On the contrary, you will choose numbers that are not in the above 20 balls.
After finishing choosing the number of balls, you just need to press bet and the results will appear. Pretty simple, right? Even if you are new to the game, reading this far you can easily figure it out. But if you want to play right away, don't rush and continue reading for details on how to play!

Simple steps to play the Keno Betting game
Step 1: Log in to Dream99's account. If you are a new player, please click register and provide information to complete the account creation procedure!
Step 2: Select Dream99 keno betting game at the main interface.
Step 3: Choose 1 of 2 forms of betting: "number bet" and "basic bet". Number bets are over-even, basic bets are under-odd.
Step 4: Then, the player chooses to bet 2, 3, 4,… or miss 2, 3, 4,… and then press bet. Immediately after that, the reward exchange rate will appear for you to understand clearly.
Step 5: Enter the amount you want to bet according to your preference and press "bet" to complete.
Tips for playing Dream99 keno bets to win easily
The following are the experiences of playing the Keno Betting game that gamers want to pass on to players, specifically:

Don't choose adjacent numbers
According to statistics, the probability of consecutive numbers appearing is very low. Because the system chooses random balls, consecutive numbers are difficult to appear. Therefore, choosing adjacent numbers is more likely to make you lose your bet.

Do not choose numbers that have not appeared for a long time
If you notice that there are numbers that have not appeared for a long time, they are probably in the falling streak. So they likely won't appear for a long time and you don't know when they will appear. Therefore, if you want to win, it's best not to choose those numbers to avoid losing your bet in vain. Try to choose numbers that are more likely to appear.

Don't choose according to the majority
The keno betting game often brings huge revenue because most players often bet in large numbers, if they lose they will lose a lot. Because of this, gamers often do not follow the crowd. There is a little tip you should know, if the ratio of both players is 70% and 30%, you should choose 30%.

Place reasonable bets
When starting the experience, the economy was still limited. Don't bet too much on one hand. Divide your capital into small pieces so that if you get unlucky, you won't lose a lot of money.


Above are the contents that bookmaker Dream99 thinks will be very useful for you. It is an honor for us to be able to help you reach your victory. Hope you have fun playing the game and bring home many rewards.


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