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French Prime Minister Attal announced a series of measures to improve people's livelihood before the parliamentary election

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China News Service, Paris, June 20 (Reporter Li Yang) On June 20, local time, French Prime Minister Attal announced a series of measures to improve people's livelihood before the parliamentary election. People's livelihood issues are generally considered to be the focus of this parliamentary election.

There are currently less than two weeks left before the first round of voting in the French parliamentary election, leaving little time for parties to campaign and canvass votes. Attal held a press conference in Paris that day to announce the details of the ruling party's campaign platform. Among them, measures to improve people's livelihood have attracted the most attention from all walks of life in France.

Attar said that if the ruling party wins the parliamentary election, it will improve people's livelihood in many aspects, including lowering electricity bills, linking pensions to inflation, canceling some notary fees for home purchases, and encouraging the rental of electric vehicles. Car etc. He hopes to improve the purchasing power of French families through this series of measures.

Attar also reiterated the government’s tax reduction policy and stated that it would not increase taxes. He also encouraged companies to continue increasing bonuses and sought to reduce taxes on low-income workers. He also talked about issues related to developing a green economy and continuing to develop nuclear energy.

In addition, Attal criticized both the far-right and far-left parties when talking about international issues, believing that the far-right parties would threaten France's status in the EU and France's support for Ukraine; The left-wing dominated left-wing camp is "divided and disorganized" and its victory in the parliamentary elections will bring chaos to French diplomacy.

Bardera, leader of the far-right National Rally party, said that the state of France’s public finances “means that the next government must face reality and be responsible.” He said he understood people were concerned about the economic policies of far-right parties and declared that he would formulate a "sane budget."

Gaucrell, from the far-left party "France Indomitable", declared that if a left-wing government comes to power, "the budget deficit will not be worse than expected by the current government." He claimed that spending on measures such as lowering the retirement age, promised by the left, would be made up for by stronger economic growth and more taxes paid by the rich.

The first round of voting in the French parliamentary election will be held on June 30, and the second round of voting will be held on July 7. Recent polls show the far-right National League leading the other parties in support. (End) [Editor: Wei Chenxi]

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